Top 4th of July Banners

What that means is that you should also prepare Printmoz banner for you to wave proudly during the entire Independence Day celebration. As such, here are the top Fourth of July banners you may want to try to make yourself if you feel like completing your commemoration of this momentous occasion with a little DIY.

1. Ball Banner

Who says that a banner should always be a flag of some sort? Well, not us. When you want to commemorate the Fourth of July in the best way possible, you have to do it creatively so that you will stand out uniquely compared to all of the other people in the neighborhood. That is why you might want to use a Ball Banner instead of the usual colored flags you see being used during this great American holiday.

This banner is actually pretty simple and will not even require you to have a talent in the arts. All you need to use is a white sheet or even a white wall in or out of your house. After that, you need to buy colored balls representing the red, white, and blue of the American flag. From that point on, it is up to you on how you would want to represent the American flag using the balls. You may want to paint a picture of the flag using the balls or you can use a combination of the three types of colored balls to represent the 50 states of the United States.

After that, you can use a single piece of white string to put the entire ensemble together or you can use a non-staining type of adhesive to plaster the balls on the white sheet or on the wall.

2. Recycled Banner

We call this the recycled banner not because you took a banner from a previous Fourth of July celebration and then used it again. Instead, we are calling this a recycled banner precisely because it is primarily made from recycled materials that will allow you to save a lot of money in the process while you are also doing your part in helping Mother Earth.

First off, paper bags are essential here as they will form the base of your banner. The paper bags you got from your local grocery store should be good enough. Use them instead of throwing them out after buying the groceries you will be using for your Fourth of July celebration. Next up, use the usual acrylic paint and paintbrushes to paint the flag of the USA or another type of American symbol you like. After that, paint different parts of the flag on the paper bags. Attach them together using glue and then use a string to raise your flag up proudly.

3. Felt Banner

If you want Printmoz banners that looks great and is also just as affordable to make as the other ones on this list, you may want to try our Felt Banner. This banner is a great addition to any Fourth of July barbecue because of how it looks so unique yet simple in its own way. And many people would not even think that it is actually easy to make.

All you need to use here are felt papers representing the red, white, and blue, simple white bond paper that will form the base of the banner, a pair of scissors, and a single piece of string. It is that simple and affordable to the point that you only need a few materials.

Next up, you have to be a bit creative with the way you want to use the materials. Use the felt paper and cut out patterns and letters representing America. You may want to go with the old U, S, and A made using three different colors or you can actually cut out stars and stripes. After that, place the felt papers on top of the bond paper and glue them together. Cut out any overlapping parts. Fold about half an inch on the top portion of the papers while leaving a bit of space for the string to pass through. Use the piece of string to put together the entire banner, which will serve as a nice backdrop for any celebration.

4. Tassel Banner

Another affordable option for you are is a tassel banner. Now, the great thing about this one is that it does not require you to be creative or artsy. As long as you know how to use a pair of scissors, you will be fine. The tassel banner can be made from different red, white, and blue tassels that can be cute from any type of colored paper. You can use felt paper but any type of colored paper can work fine. Cut out lengthwise one-inch wide pieces from the papers and then put them together to form tassels. After that, you can use a piece of string to creatively put together all of the tassels using an alternating red, white, and blue pattern. Place the strong on a wall and you will have a cheap yet still pretty Fourth of July Banner.